PlayStakeWin Complaints and Dispute Resolution Policy

Last Updated: 27/03/24

1. Introduction

1.1. PlayStakeWin ("Platform") is committed to providing a positive gaming experience for its users. This Complaints and Dispute Resolution Policy outlines the procedures for addressing user complaints and resolving disputes in a fair and timely manner.

2. How to Raise a Complaint

2.1. Users who have a complaint or concern related to their experience on the Platform should contact our customer support team at admin@playstakewin.com.

2.2. Complaints should include detailed information about the issue, including relevant dates, times, and any supporting evidence.

3. Response Time

3.1. PlayStakeWin aims to acknowledge receipt of a complaint within 5 business days.

3.2. The platform will strive to provide a substantive response to the complaint within 10 business days of acknowledgment.

4. Dispute Resolution Process

4.1. If the user is dissatisfied with the initial response, they may request a further review of their complaint.

4.2. PlayStakeWin will conduct a thorough review, considering all available evidence and information.

4.3. The platform will provide a final response, detailing the outcome of the review and any actions taken.

5. External Dispute Resolution

5.1. If a dispute remains unresolved after following the internal dispute resolution process, users may seek external dispute resolution through relevant regulatory authorities or alternative dispute resolution services.

6. Documentation of Complaints

6.1. PlayStakeWin will maintain records of all complaints received, including the nature of the complaint, actions taken, and resolution outcomes.

6.2. The documentation will be kept confidential and used for internal purposes, including improving services and addressing recurring issues.

7. User Cooperation

7.1. Users are encouraged to cooperate fully during the complaint resolution process by providing accurate and complete information.

8. Changes to the Policy

8.1. This Complaints and Dispute Resolution Policy may be updated from time to time. Users will be notified of any significant changes, and continued use of the Platform after such notification implies acceptance of the revised policy.

9. Contact Information

9.1. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Complaints and Dispute Resolution Policy, please contact us at admin@playstakewin.com.