PlayStakeWin Responsible Gaming Policy

Last Updated: [27/03/2024]

1. Introduction

1.1. PlayStakeWin ("Platform") is committed to promoting responsible gaming practices among its users. This Responsible Gaming Policy outlines our dedication to providing a safe and enjoyable gaming environment while addressing the potential risks associated with gambling.

2. Responsible Gaming Principles

2.1. Player Control: We encourage users to view gaming as a form of entertainment and maintain control over the time and money spent on the Platform.

2.2. Prevention of Underage Gambling: PlayStakeWin is intended for users of legal gambling age. We have implemented age verification measures to prevent underage individuals from accessing our services.

2.3. Self-Exclusion: Users who feel the need to take a break from gaming can request self-exclusion by contacting admin@playstakewin.com. During the self-exclusion period, the user will be prohibited from accessing the Platform.

2.4. Setting Limits: Users can set daily, weekly, or monthly limits on their gaming activity. Any attempt to increase or remove limits will be subject to a waiting period.

3. Problem Gambling Resources

3.1. Recognizing Problem Gambling: It's important for users to recognize the signs of problem gambling. If you believe you may have a gambling problem, consider seeking assistance.

3.2. Self-Assessment Tools: PlayStakeWin provides self-assessment tools to help users evaluate their gaming behavior and identify potential issues.

3.3. External Resources: Users are encouraged to access external resources related to problem gambling, including helplines, counseling services, and support groups.

4. Responsible Advertising and Marketing

4.1. Ethical Marketing: PlayStakeWin is committed to ethical marketing practices and will not target vulnerable individuals or minors in its advertising.

4.2. Clear Information: All marketing materials will provide clear information about the risks associated with gambling and promote responsible gaming behavior.

5. Assistance and Support

5.1. Customer Support: Our customer support team is available to assist users with questions related to responsible gaming and provide information on available resources.

5.2. Privacy and Confidentiality: All communications related to responsible gaming will be treated with utmost privacy and confidentiality.

6. Employee Training

6.1. Staff Training: PlayStakeWin staff undergo training to recognize and respond to signs of problem gambling. They are committed to providing support and guidance to users who may need assistance.

7. Responsible Gaming Features

7.1. Time-Out Feature: Users can utilize a time-out feature to take a short break from gaming.

7.2. Reality Check Feature: The platform will provide periodic reality checks to remind users of the time and money spent on gaming.

8. Contact Information

8.1. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Responsible Gaming Policy or need assistance related to responsible gaming, please contact us at admin@playstakewin.com.